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Christmas 2021

What Shall We Offer You, O Christ?

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What Shall We Offer You, O Christ?

Who for our sake has appeared on the earth as a man?

Every creature which You have made offers You thanks.

The angels offer You a song.

The heavens, their star.

The wise men, their gifts.

The shepherds, their wonder.

The earth, its cave.

The wilderness, the manger.

And we offer You a Virgin Mother.

O Pre-eternal God, have mercy on us!

(Vespers of the eve of the feast of the Nativity)


Dear Folks,

2021 has come and gone like a blur.  Although I’ve been busy with other things, I remain committed to this blog. I have been preparing articles that I hope to upload in the near future.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Robert Arakaki




  1. Aleksa

    Hey just wondering will you be continuing to post on here please let me know if u will

    • Robert Arakaki


      I do plan to continue posting.


  2. Cecil New

    Just wishing you well and looking forward to more articles. While I haven’t finished it yet, I am finding Keith A. Mathison’s book “The Shape of Sola Scriptura” really interesting. Here is a teaser, from page 153:

    On the one front, we must continue to reject any two source theory of tradition such as the dogmatized by Rome at the Council of Trent. Neither the older Roman doctrine of tradition II nor the more recent Roman doctrine of Tradition III has any real scriptural or patristic support. On the other hand, we must also adamantly reject the modern evangelical doctrine of Tradition 0.

    Anarchy is not the cure for tyranny. The autonomy of the individual is equally as dangerous as the autonomy of the Pope or of the church.

    We must point out to both the advocates of Tradition 0 and to Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox opponents of the Reformation that Tradition 0 is not the Reformation doctrine. Those who advocate Tradition 0 under the banner of Martin Luther, John Calvin and the slogan sola scriptura do so either out of ignorance or dishonesty. Those who critique the Reformation doctrine of sola scriptura by equating it with Tradition 0 create an easily demolished straw man. The position of the classical Reformers and their heirs was and is Tradition I-the position of the apostolic Church.

    If we are to maintain a sound Christian doctrine of authority we must, with the early fathers and with the magisterial Reformers, insist that Scripture is the sole source of revelation. We must insist that, by virtue of its absolutely unique character as the inspired Word of the living God, Scripture is the sole infallible authority for doctrine and practice. And we must also insist that Scripture is to be interpreted within the hermeneutical boundaries of the apostolic rule of faith in and by the communion of saints.

    • Robert Arakaki

      Dear Cecil,

      Keith Mathison’s book is a good book, but I have some problems with it. Have you read my review of Mathison’s book?


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