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Wishing you all a happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

Profile-Picture-FinalI recently discovered “TheOrthodoxMama.com — Faith, Family, and Frugal Living” administered by Sarah Wright. She’s been happily married 7 years and mother of three. She grew up in the Reformed tradition then later converted to Orthodoxy.

Her website is about more than theology.  It touches on practical life issues like: Marriage, Family Fun, Children’s Activities, Frugal Living.  Articles Archive include:


Below is an excerpt from her article: “How I Became Orthodox: My Story of Faith.”


How-I-Became-Orthodox-FinalI have not always been Eastern Orthodox. In fact, I grew up about as evangelical  as they come.  My father was a pastor in the Reformed Church in America.  I was our church pianist from the time I was thirteen.  Sunday School teacher. Vacation Bible school teacher. Bible camp counselor. Then,  I went to college at an evangelical school. While there, I served with missionaries in Equatorial Guinea (in West Africa) for ten weeks one summer. I was basically the poster child for evangelicalism.

And, I am grateful for my background.  I gained a very solid understanding of the Bible.  I also was given firm moral principles that helped me through the temptations that beset high school and college students.  I found a community of friends who supported, loved, and prayed for one another through good and bad times.

But, God led me down another path.  He whispered to me along the way.

Looking back, I can see . . . .   To Read More > Click Here

Then, I decided to go to a large, prominent evangelical seminary to study missiology in the hopes of entering the mission field.  In one of my classes I sat near two Orthodox seminarians–one from the United States and one from Africa.

. . . .

While at seminary, I also met the man who would become my husband. He was studying theology and was taking a class on the Trinity. Many of his readings came from the early Church Fathers and introduced him to Orthodoxy.

It is significant that Sarah and her husband were deeply committed Christians.  They were not mad or disgruntled with the Reformed tradition prior to becoming Orthodox. She closes noting: 

My story is a fairly simple one, I know. There was no dramatic conversion. No blinding light on the road to Damascus. No huge disillusionment with my life and faith that brought me to my knees.

Just small whispers from a faithful God who was drawing me closer and closer to Himself.

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  1. gingoro

    Many evangelicals, from the last century would not consider someone from the RCA to be an evangelical. Even my denomination which is CRC and more conservative (in general) than RCA is often suspect by many fundagelicals especially this century. We only rarely use the term evangelical to describe ourselves and that is usually when we are having some kind of joint project with Presbyterians or Anglicans or Baptists… I find the Anglican church order very appealing but my wife finds it too high church. Orthodox would of course be out as I am very gluten sensitive and I could never take communion without being sick for days. Some Orthodox consider my problem a clear indication of not being a true Christian as the bread and wine once consecrated could not possibly make any one ill. Incense also affects my asthma severely and I would rather not end up at emerg. DaveW

    • robertar


      You raised some practical concerns. Have you discussed them with an Orthodox priest?

      I wouldn’t let the opinions of Orthodox Christians about the genuineness of your faith hinder your inquiry into Orthodoxy. Please keep an open mind, keep looking, and keep praying. My prayers are with you.


    • Aaron


      Our priest offers communion (gluten free) for special needs. This is a possibility. As Robert indicated, don’t let others opinions in this regard be a hindrance. There are options for communicants with gluten issues and speculation by others as to the status of your faith in this regards is simply that; speculation.

      Prayers to you. AJ.

      • robertar


        Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Sarah

    Thank you so much for linking up to my blog! I grew up in the Reformed tradition (my father was an RCA pastor for years), went to an RCA college, and have many friends who still fit within the evangelical/reformed tradition. My husband grew up in a nondenominational church and then joined a Presbyterian church while we were in seminary (at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). I appreciate the upbringing that I had and know that God has now brought me home within the Orthodox Church. I always love to answer any questions that people have. May God bless you. Christ is Risen!

    • robertar

      Welcome Sarah! And Happy Mother’s Day to you!

      You have a great site. So many inspiring and helpful articles!

      And thank you for offering to answer questions people may have.


  3. gingoro

    I wrote a fairly lengthy comment but when I hit Post my comment was rejected as cookies and Java Script are required to post. Both are enabled in Firefox the browser I use. DaveW

    • gingoro

      Don’t understand what is different except that in my first comment I asked for email of any new comments.

      • robertar

        I don’t know what the problem is as both of these comments got through. I’m having my webmaster look into it.


        • gingoro

          I could not see the difference either. I do NOT run Noscript or anything like it.

  4. David

    Welcome Sarah,

    Join in on our active comments as we cherish sincere help
    for any with the courage to serious inquire and look into
    the riches of Orthodoxy. After 20 odd yrs as a happy So-Bapt,
    then 34+ yrs as a zealous Reformed/Presby in the PCA (twice
    Elder), I’m home in the Orthodox Church! 😉 Lord have mercy.

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