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New Page Added — “Resources”

Looking Across the Bridge

A new page  Resources  has been added to the banner above.  It’s an annotated listing of resources I believe would be helpful to visitors to the OrthodoxBridge.  It contains Internet sites, books by Orthodox writers, books by non-Orthodox writers, and reference reference works.  It was made with people like Derrick in mind.  Derrick, I hope you find this helpful!

Robert Arakaki


  1. Cristian-Stavros Metcas

    I think, Robert, that this new Resources page came right on time for those who want to understand Orthodoxy as it really is, exactly like the video at the link below, made by David Withun, one of our brothers in the States, who bravely defends faith in God and Orthodoxy from misconceptions. I don’t know if any of you have seen the original film “The lure of Eastern Orthodoxy”, which is discussed by David in his video and the parts that will come, I know that I didn’t see it, so, it must be something very new, but I thought it would be good for everyone here to be aware of it and to watch and listen to the arguments that dismiss the wrong understandings of our Orthodox faith contained in that original film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSvHLT59ROo

    • Cristian-Stavros Metcas

      Well, sorry, it seems that “The lure of Eastern Orthodoxy” is not a film, but an audio program and you can find the link to listening to it in David’s video description.

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