Reformed Food Fight

  Something like a food fight recently erupted in one corner of the Reformed world.  Pastor Toby Sumpter wrote “Free Range, Gluten Free Yoga vs. Jesus” in which he criticized the concern among some Christians with “eating well” as part Continue Reading
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Calvin and the “Fall of the Church”

  Did John Calvin believe in the “Fall of the Church”?  That is, did he believe that the early Church apostatized from Apostolic doctrine and worship, and that true Christianity was not restored until the Protestant Reformation?  The “Fall Continue Reading
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Why People Convert to Orthodoxy

  On 30 December 2013, W. Bradford Littlejohn published “The Search for Authority and the Fear of Difference” in The Sword and the Ploughshare.   He began by noting how he learned second hand (??) about a longtime Reformed Christian who decided Continue Reading
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New York Times Article on Calvinist Revival

    TULIP in the New York Times?!?  Not the blooming kind but the total depravity and unconditional election kind!  In an interesting turn of events Reformed Christianity (aka Calvinism) has gotten the attention of a major newspaper. Continue Reading
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Family Concerns and Converting to Orthodoxy

  Making the transition to Orthodoxy is often far from easy.  Even if the inquirer comes to the conclusion that Orthodoxy is the true Faith, they may have family concerns that hold them back from taking the final step of converting to Orthodoxy. I Continue Reading
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Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

  Verily, the King of heaven, for His love to mankind, did appear on earth; and with men did He deal; for He took unto Himself a body from the pure Virgin. And from her did He issue in the adopted body, He being one Son, dual in Nature, not Continue Reading
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Geneva Bible for Orthodox Russia?

Part 4 of 4.  Parts 1,  2, and  3. In 1995, the New Geneva Study Bible was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers under the editorial leadership of R.C. Sproul and J.I. Packer. R.C. Sproul has ambitious goals for this new study bible including Continue Reading
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Saint Nicholas and the Meaning of Christmas

  Has the meaning of Christmas changed in recent years?  Has the creeping commercialism of the past 40 years radically reshaped our understanding of Christmas?  We learn in the news about Black Friday and Green Monday, about record sales Continue Reading
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Geneva Bible Compared With Orthodox Study Bible

                    Third of a four part review of the Geneva Bible       Part 1       Part 2 Study bibles do more than help the reader understand the Bible, they Continue Reading
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Comment on “The Relentless Protestant Pursuit of Progress”

  A friend brought to my attention “The Relentless Protestant Pursuit of Progress” by Fr. Dwight Longenecker.  He opens with the recent attempt in the Church of England to approve women bishops.  Then he makes an arresting observation about Continue Reading
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