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David Rockett’s Journey to Orthodoxy



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David is the silent partner behind the OrthodoxBridge blog. After writing a draft of a blog article, I will send it over to David. He then gives me his thoughts on the content, phrasing, and tone of the article. Over the years, David has been to me a beloved older brother, trusted advisor, and valuable ministry partner. His wise counsel and perspective has helped make the OrthodoxBridge effective in speaking to Orthodox and Reformed Christians.


Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church

David recently wrote about his conversion in Journey to Orthodoxy. One thing that struck me about David’s story was the fact that he did not leave the Reformed faith because he was unhappy. Rather he left because he found something better in Orthodoxy. David knows the Reformed faith well having been twice elected an elder at two different PCA Churches (teaching often & preaching in his Pastor’s absence) and a long-time member at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana (recently Church of the Redeemer (CREC) in West Monroe.


For many Reformed Christians becoming Orthodox involved protracted inner struggles over the presuppositions of faith and practice. Part of the struggle also involved longstanding relationships with family and friends. The cautious take-it-slow approach to conversion is a wise course of action that in time yields much fruit. I encourage readers to click on the link provided. I’m sure you will be blessed by David’s testimony as I was.

Robert Arakaki


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  1. Joshua

    Glory to God for all things! Thank you David and Mr. Araraki for sharing this story – beautiful. It also reveals much (now attributing David’s posts) having gone through all the comments of each ORB post so that I may learn a Reformed perspective by those willing to engage Orthodoxy.

    David, you’re not alone in the family aspect that you shared in the interview. I’m Orthodox, but the only one in the family. Having been recieved into the Body of Christ and illumined, your continued prayer and presence coupled with the mercies of the Lord, will act to continue the sanctification of your family. For He is Good and loves Mankind and desires all to come to knowledge of the Truth.
    Lord bless +

  2. David E. Rockett

    Thanks Robert…hope it proves helpful to many here at the Blog…as well as many others elsewhere.
    Lord have mercy.

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