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An Invitation

Dear Folks,

I received this message from Tudor Petcu, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Romania.

Tudor-Petcu-2-150x150My name is Tudor Petcu, I am a Romaniam writer and I want to post my message here because I wish to invite anyone of you who have chosen the conversion to Orthodoxy to give me his testimony. I am working on a book which contains testiomonies from different Westerns converted to the Orthodox Church, that’s why I invite you to become a part of my project. I also have to mention the the book (first volume) will be published by the end of this year.
For some more information about my book and the interview, please contact me via email: petcutudor86@gmail.com I would be very delighted to make contact with more and more Westerns converted to Orthodoxy because everyone’s story is very charming.

I’m guessing that there are a few readers out there who have made the decision to convert to Orthodoxy.  If you want to share your story how you became Orthodox, this looks like a good opportunity.

Those desiring more information about Tudor Petcu and his ministry should read his recent article “Orthodoxy and Philosophy: An Interview with Travis Dumsday” in Journey to Orthodoxy and the website studia humana.

Robert Arakaki


  1. Teri Blum

    Greetings Tudor,
    I converted to Orthodoxy 25 years ago. My journey has been very long from Mormon parents, Roman Catholic, Baptist and non- denominational church’s . I would be delighted in sharing my story if you desire.

    • Robert Arakaki


      Interesting story! Please contact Tudor by clicking on his email address which I highlighted. That’s the best way to reach him.


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