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ClustrMaps Reset


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Dear Folks,

I just got word that the ClustrMaps feature will be reset around April 23.  This is a plug-in feature located in the right column showing a map of the world with red dots.  If you click on the map you will be taken to another page that shows where at-the-moment visits are coming as well as a state by state, and a country by country breakdown.

This feature helps me to track visitors from around the world.  The basic idea is each unique visit shows up as a red dot.  Multiple visits turn into bigger size dots.  The ClustrMaps plug-in shows overall number of visits and where the visits originate.  My understanding is that the dots represent the location of the ISP than the individual user’s computer.

In March 2014 the OrthodoxBridge received over 100,000 visits.  Thank you very much!

A state by state breakdown shows California and Texas to generate the most visits. Pennsylvania, which has a sizable Orthodox population, was at one time running a strong second.  My home state, Hawaii, showed 875 visitors as of today.  Mahalo!

Going down the country listing is fascinating.  One big surprise were the 40+ visits from the Holy See (Vatican City)!  It makes me wonder who in the Vatican likes to read the OrthodoxBridge?  I would like to say “Thank you!” to our secret lurker in the Vatican.

And a heartfelt “Thank You!” and “Mahalo!” to all our readers around the world.

Robert Arakaki


  1. Travis Steele

    The amazing thing to me is Southeast Aisa where I just came from, there is someone looking at your site from the city I was in, I shared it with the seminary and the church there. The surprise is South Thailand which is heavy muslim and in a civil war. Also, Yemen, which in march hosted the biggest gathering of Al Quida in a long time, the message in Yemen is , killl all of those of the cross.

    Thanks for what you do.

    • robertar


      Thank you! Yes, I am quite surprised by visits from countries like Yemen, Iran, and even Saudi Arabia. I believe there is a deep and widespread hunger for the Good News of Christ all around the world these days. Let us keep the “Nicodemus” who are lurking and seeking in our prayers as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.


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