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On Break

Afternoon at Kapiolani Park, Hawaii

Dear Folks,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Thank you for making the OrthodoxBridge a great place where people from the Orthodox, Reformed, and other traditions meet and dialogue with each other.

The OrthodoxBridge will be taking a break until New Year’s Day.  I will resume posting new materials shortly after that.

In the Pipe Line

I am currently working on new materials: Contra Sola Scriptura #4 — Protestantism’s Fatal Genetic Flaw, Semi-Pelagianism, Peter Leithart’s book on Constantine, Michael Horton, Steven Wedgeworth etc.

Robert Arakaki


  1. Cristian-Stavros Metcas

    We all thank you for your work and wish you a Happy New Year 2012! That Contra Sola-Scriptura 4th part must be again a great material of yours. I am also curious to read what you would write about Leithart’s book, because I have heard it is very intertesting. Waiting also for the final version of you know what.

  2. David

    Good job Robert, I’ve very much enjoyed the Blog and your gracious and kind spirit that bespeaks true Christian grace…even when we’ve disagreed. God keep you and I look forward to this next year’s interactions.

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