The Light of the Resurrection Shines in the Darkness

    There is a story told about Nikolai Bukharin, a Russian Communist leader who actively propagated the message of atheism. One of the most powerful men in the world was Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin, a Russian Communist leader, who took Continue Reading
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Holy Saturday and the Harrowing of Hell

  During Holy Week each day has a particular theme, a spiritual lesson for the faithful who attend the services.  As an Orthodox Christian I get much of my theological education not from reading books but from attending the services.  In Continue Reading
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April Fools’ Day

  On April 1, 2015, Tony Arsenal, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary graduate "announced" his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy.  See "From Geneva to Constantinople -- The Eastern Orthodox Arsenal."  He writes: As many of you know, I have Continue Reading
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The Triumphal Entry – Palm Sunday

  This year while Protestants and Roman Catholics have already celebrated Palm Sunday, for Orthodox Christians Palm Sunday still lies ahead. Palm Sunday is a familiar event for many Christians but it is a profound multi-layered event that has Continue Reading
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Adoration of the Holy Cross

    This Sunday marks the third Sunday of Lent.  On this Sunday Orthodox Christians celebrate the adoration of the precious and life giving Cross.  At the end of the Divine Liturgy the priest processes around the church carrying Continue Reading
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Is Orthodoxy Eastern?

  A reader recently commented on the article “Crossing the Bosphorus.” But I think that the idea of crossing the Bosphorus is perhaps overly dramatic and may not be an entirely helpful metaphor. We need to remember that the Orthodox faith Continue Reading
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The Incarnation Changes Everything

This is a repost of "Bowing Down to a Faceless Idol" (9 April 2012) by Fr. Joseph Gleason.  Fr. Joseph was a Calvinist, then a 5-point Calvinist Anglican, before becoming Orthodox.  He wrote: "I was ordained as an Anglican deacon, and helped start Continue Reading
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By What Authority?

  A Response to Rev. Peter Leithart’s "Puritan Sacramentalism" The Rev. Peter Leithart wrote a provocative article “Puritan Sacramentalism” which appeared in First Things.  Already his article has elicited at least two responses Continue Reading
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What Do Orthodox Christians Believe about Justification?

A Response to Protestant Criticisms   Today's posting is by Eric Jobe.  Eric has graciously given permission for his article which originally appeared on Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy to be reposted here.  Source   As Protestant Christians Continue Reading
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The Mystery of the Church and My Search for Truth

                    Today's posting is by Stefan Pavićević.  Welcome Stefan!  Stefan Pavićević was born and raised in the city of Bitola, the Republic of Macedonia Continue Reading
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