An Orthodox Critique of the Cultural/Dominion Mandate

  Within the Reformed Christian tradition arose a small but influential movement in the mid/late 1960s known as Christian Reconstructionism.  While based on Reformed theology it contains some significant and unique twists.  Reconstructionism Continue Reading
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Which Came First: The Church or the New Testament?

Folks, I am reposting Fr. James Bernstein's excellent article about the history of the Bible and how what he learned caused him to abandon sola scriptura (the Bible alone) for the Bible in Tradition. Robert Source: “Which Came First: The Continue Reading
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Christian Unity Amidst Reformation Wars & Seminary Wars

  “Missional ecumenicist” John Armstrong has two parallel passions: church unity and church missions.  Pastor Armstrong’s Protestant catholicism (small c) is characterized by his gracious, warm-hearted relationships, openness, and appreciation Continue Reading
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Standing During Liturgy Could Lead To Better Worship

                      Traditionally Christians stood to worship God.  This has been the historic practice of the Christian Church.  This began to change during Continue Reading
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Worship in Ancient House Churches

Folks, Did you ever wonder how the early Christians worshiped?  As a follow up to "Jurassic Park and the Protestant Quest for the Early Church," I am reposting Gabe Martini's "The Eucharistic Liturgy in Ancient House Churches." Robert Arakaki The Continue Reading
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Jurassic Park and the Protestant Quest for the Early Church

  In the movie Jurassic Park is an unforgettable scene where a group of humans see living breathing dinosaurs towering over them, munching on leaves on the tree tops.  The dinosaurs were the product of careful biological engineering.  Scientists Continue Reading
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Other Discussions on the Future of Evangelicalism

  The recent “Future of Protestantism” hosted by Biola University on 30 April 2014, is not the only forum where the issue has been raised. A similar conversation took place between Stanley Hauerwas and Albert Mohler in 2012 titled "Nearing Continue Reading
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Ascension Day and the Great Commission

  The feast of the Ascension is one of the major feast days of the Orthodox Church.  On this day our Lord Jesus Christ is taken up into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.  This prepares the way for the coming of the Holy Spirit Continue Reading
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Concerning “Eternal” Marriage

                  I have received several inquiries about the Orthodox understanding of marriage, especially with respect to "eternal" marriage. I am grateful for Isaiah's help with Continue Reading
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Back to the Future for Protestantism?

    On 29 April 2014, Biola University hosted “The Future of Protestantism,” a panel discussion comprised of Peter Leithart, Fred Sanders, and Carl Trueman.  Brad Littlejohn gave the introduction and Peter Escalante moderated the Continue Reading
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